The “Vaccine Apartheid Libel” is Antisemitic

  By foisting the vaccine apartheid libel, Israel’s detractors hold the Jewish state to a standard of perfection that no country in the world could ever meet and single it out for exclusive censure. That is antisemitism. See our take in the Times of Israel. For the mainstream media, there are only two news narratives […]

How Canada Can Emulate Israel’s Successful Vaccine Rollout

After more than 10 months suffering under the coronavirus pandemic, there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel. In Canada and elsewhere in the developed world, governments have begun to inoculate their populations with new vaccines engineered to combat COVID 19, and it may be only a matter of a few […]

CBC Adopts Canard that Israel Denies Vaccine to Palestinians

It seems that there’s nothing Israel can do, or not do, to spare it from unfair critique in the news media. When it comes to the race to vaccinate against COVID-19, Israel is leading the pack and doing so by a wide margin. Israel has vaccinated more people as a percentage of its overall population, […]