Hamilton Spectator Quotes Fake Pro-Palestinian Student Protestor Who Accused McMaster University Of Trying To “Stigmatize And Marginalize Students” Who Oppose Israel

On May 10, The Hamilton Spectator published an article by reporter Grant LaFleche entitled: “Group rejects ‘confrontational label in McMaster statement” which discussed the recent illegal anti-Israel encampment set up within the grounds of McMaster University. Within the article, LaFleche quoted an apparent 4th-year chemical engineering student by the name of Thaira Ahmed, who accused […]

In Toronto Star Column, Canadian Arab Federation Staffers Laughably Call Anti-Israel Encampments “Peaceful” And Pro-Peace

In a breathtaking attempt at gaslighting readers into believing that illegal occupations at Canadian universities somehow represent a popular movement among the next generation, Atif Kubursi and Mohamed Boudjenane of the Canadian Arab Federation, in a recent opinion column, ignored a mountain of inconvenient facts to help promote their case. Their column entitled: “Young voices […]

Montreal Gazette Gives Uncritical Platform For Pro-Palestinian Encampment Activists To Peddle Nonsensical Accusations Against Israel

In a May 3 article published in The Montreal Gazette entitled, “As mood mellows at McGill encampment, protesters dig in for the weekend,” reporter Michelle Lalonde provided a sympathetic forum to provide free publicity for the pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel McGill University protest. Alia Altaweel, a spokesperson for camp organizers, was quoted by Lalonde as saying that […]