Canadian Pundit’s Spurious Allegations About a Potential Israeli War with Hezbollah

Recently, Canadian pundits on, the Globe and Mail and in the Hill Times, all engaged in sophistry when arguing that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to wage a war with Lebanon and Hezbollah, all in an effort to distract the Israeli public’s attention away from domestic corruption investigations. These claims are all baseless and […]

Worth Reading: Is Hamas Manipulating Coverage of the Gaza Conflict?

Today’s must read article comes courtesy of the Waterloo Record by Daniel M. Berry, a professor of computer science and software engineering at the University of Waterloo who expounds on Hamas manipulation of the media in the current conflict. For an updated version with more evidence and alive links to the evidence in other Web pages, […]

Waterloo Record Shows Poor Judgement by Giving Mohamed Elmasry a Platform

  HonestReporting Canada sent the following letter to Waterloo Record Editor-in-Chief Lynn Haddrall on January 8 expressing our disappointment that this newspaper gave Mohamed Elmasry a platform considering that he should have been persona non grata for arguing that any Israeli man or woman over the age of 18 was a legitimate target for terrorists: […]