The United Nations Day To Support Victims Of Torture Just Passed; Where Was The Concern For The Ongoing Torture Faced By Israeli Hostages In Gaza?

June 26 marked the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. Intended “to mobilize political will and resources,” the day represents an opportunity to highlight ongoing incidents of torture around the world, to shine a harsh spotlight on the perpetrators, and to provide support and rehabilitation for victims. Prohibited under international law, […]

HRC Campus Media Fellow Published In Israel Hayom: How A UN Definition Threatens Israel

On April 27, 2023, one of our Campus Media Fellows, Abigael Benchaya, was published in Israel Hayom about how Palestinians comprise the largest refugee population in the world, nearing a total of 6 million people, comprised primarily of descendants of refugees. Considering that Israel has a population of 9.34 million inhabitants, the number of Palestinian-Arab […]

HRC Rebuts Anti-Israel Detractor’s Claiming That Israel Is Committing “Genocide”

  In a May 27 letter to Saltwire (Uneven coverage of humanitarian causes), writer Richard Deaton makes a number of accusations against both the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Force; both of which are rife with inaccuracies and falsehoods. First, Mr. Deaton accuses Israel of expansionist policies, “directed against the Palestinians (that) appear to […]

United Nations Human Rights Council Launches Kangaroo Court Against Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council, a notoriously anti-Israel body, recently announced it was forming a special commission to investigate alleged war crimes during the last war between Israel and Hamas terrorists. The commission will be spearheaded by Navi Pillay, a vocal anti-Israel advocate and past leader of the Council, and the commission’s findings seem […]