HRC Op-Ed In The Hill Times: Scrutiny Needed On Reworked Iran Nuclear Deal

HRC’s Op-Ed was published in The Hill Times on Thursday, May 19, 2022 In the summer of 2015, the Islamic Republic of Iran signed a nuclear deal with some of the world’s largest powers, agreeing to halt its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. The deal, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), […]

HRC publié dans Le Devoir : «Il faut parler haut et fort contre les incidents antisémites»

English version appended below. Dans Le Devoir aujourd’hui, HRC soutient que ceux qui rejettent le droit d’Israël à exister, en particulier en tant qu’État juif, et qui tentent de dépeindre le peuple juif vivant dans sa patrie ancestrale comme étant des occupants coloniaux étrangers, font plus qu’ignorer le droit international. Ils essaient de façon perverse […]

Toronto Star Wants Canada to Reopen Diplomatic Relations with Iran

In the wake of Iran’s killing 176 people aboard a Ukrainian jetliner (including 57 Canadians) the Toronto Star cavalierly calls for official relations to be restored with Iran and to reopen a working Canadian embassy in Tehran. The Star’s January 13 editorial and a January 20 commentary by Thomas Juneau, assistant professor at the University […]