Success! CBC Ombudsman Finds Anti-Israel Culinary Radio Show Violated Journalistic Standards

HonestReporting Canada is pleased to share that, subsequent to a complaint we lodged with CBC last year regarding an anti-Israel segment that their radio program “Unforked” broadcast, Ombudsman Jack Nagler upheld our complaint and recognized that the episode violated their Journalistic Standards and Practices. In a report dated March 23, 2022, Ombudsman Nagler responded to […]

CBC’s Forked Tongue on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On July 5, the CBC Radio program “Unforked” produced a segment on “gastronationalism” where Israel was accused of “appropriating” hummus as its own national dish, with CBC framing the chick pea delicacy as really being of Palestinian origin. The show descended into a depiction of Israelis as “settler colonialists” and occupiers of indigenous Palestinian land, […]