Broadview Magazine Article Contained Factual Errors on Israeli-Palestinian Dispute

It’s never easy to delve into the muddy waters of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and every honest attempt helps to uncover more truth. However, an article in Broadview Magazine, affiliated with the United Church of Canada, contained a number of factual errors which must be addressed. In a June 7 article entitled: “3 […]

Toronto Star’s Letters Section An Echo Chamber Of Anti-Israel Voices

On June 14, the Toronto Star published a series of letters to the editors on its website related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, almost all which singled out Israel for opprobrium. Within the letters, there was a great deal of incorrect information. Letter-writer Brian Decker took issue with the characterization of anti-Zionism as a form of […]

HRC Prompts CBC To Remove False Claim That Netanyahu Opposes Palestinian Statehood

On June 13, CBC published an article to its website which falsely claimed that Benjamin Netanyahu is against the two-state solution. The article stated the following: “Bennett, who like Netanyahu opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, made little mention of the Palestinians beyond threatening a tough response to violence. He also vowed, like […]

UPDATED: CBC Wrongly Portrays Israel As Intransigent to Peace with the Palestinians

UPDATE: December 27, 2020: After a CBC report unfairly portrayed Israel as being averse to engaging in peace talks with the Palestinians, HRC liaised with senior executives at CBC News pointing out that Israel has always extended its hand for peace and had long called for the resumption of talks without preconditions. CBC News agreed […]