Success! Prominent Anti-Israel Activist Firas al-Najim Suspended By Twitter Following HonestReporting Canada Actions

Firas al-Najim, one of Canada’s most prominent anti-Israel activists who has been accused of repeatedly spreading antisemitic content, has been suspended by Twitter following a campaign to remove him from the platform by HonestReporting Canada, due to his publishing hateful and antisemitic content. Al-Najim, who leads an organization called Canadian Defenders for Human Rights (CD4HR), […]

Canadian Publication’s Editor Publishes Tweet Calling On Canada To “Send Weapons To Hamas”

Davide Mastracci is the Managing Editor of Passage, a Canadian publication that claims to provide “thoughtful political, economic, and cultural ideas from a left-wing perspective.” Mastracci describes himself as an “aspiring Marxist,” who produces a newsletter called “Now You Know” which claims to “track the Israel lobby’s influence on Canadian media,” and who has 10,800+ […]