TVO Depicts Tel Aviv as an Israeli City that Victimizes Arab-Palestinians

Tel Aviv is a dynamic, exciting, and thriving metropolis full of awesome cafes, scenic beaches, thriving start-up companies and people of all backgrounds who enjoy their lives. But that’s not as far as TVO (TVOntario) is concerned. The most salient thing about the Israeli city of Tel Aviv is the victimization of Arab-Palestinians. On August […]

TVO’s The Agenda Explores Why Antisemitism is on the Rise Worldwide

Worth watching on yesterday’s broadcast of The Agenda with Anchor Steve Paikin, American historian Deborah Lipstadt speaks about the rise in worldwide antisemitism, why it endures and why Jews are afraid once again. It didn’t take the terrible events of last year at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, where a gunman killed 11 people, to remind […]

TVO The Agenda Guest Spreads Malicious Lies Against Israel

With great interest, HonestReporting Canada watched TVO The Agenda’s recent October 30 broadcast about the potential that may exist for “A Third Palestinian Intifada.” At a time when Israeli civilians are being butchered, shot at, and run over by Palestinian terrorists in the streets of Tel Aviv, Hebron, and Jerusalem, there was nothing out of […]

Exposing Excellence: TVO's The Agenda Presents "Iran: A Path to War?"

The Agenda, a daily current affairs show on TVO, featured a very informative and balanced panel discussion which examined Iran’s nuclear program. Up for discussion was the likelihood that Iran’s uranium enrichment is for peaceful purposes or for a weapon of mass destruction. The panel also discussed whether international talks between Tehran and the six […]