CJN Cites HRC’s Efforts: “Christian Groups Object to U.S. Peace Plan”

In an article published in the Canadian Jewish News on February 21, reporter Ron Csillag covered how various Canadian Christian groups, Kairos Canada (administrated by the United Church of Canada) and the Anglican Church of Canada, have voiced opposition to President Trump’s Middle East peace plan. The CJN cited HRC’s taking Kairos to task for […]

Globe and Mail Publishes Misleading Photo of Palestinian Propaganda Maps

In the February 8 print edition of the Globe and Mail, the following photograph was published displaying a Palestinian girl holding several highly misleadingly maps used by Palestinian propagandists to falsely portray all of what is now Israel as being under Palestinian sovereign control prior to 1947, describing the region as “Historic Palestine”. This image […]

HRC Prompts Major CBC Correction on Trump’s Jerusalem Policy

On January 21, CBC News.ca published an “analysis” report by Mideast bureau chief Derek Stoffel who erroneously claimed the following (emphasis added): The Pence visit comes six weeks after the vice-president stood next to his boss in the White House as Trump reversed decades of American policy that the status of Jerusalem should be decided […]