After HRC Complaint, CBC News Amends Headline Which Insinuated That Israel Broke Truce With Hamas

On December 1, CBC News published a Reuters article to its website entitled “Israel resumes deadly airstrikes in Gaza, warns of attacks to come in south.” If readers were to only view this headline, and nothing more, they would mistakenly assume that Israel decided to end the temporary truce and resume the war on Hamas without reason. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Untold in this headline […]

After HRC Complant, CTV Amends Headline Which Accused Israel of Breaking Truce

On what basis could assert this morning that Israel broke the relative lull in fighting with Hamas?  In fact, the lead of this article notes specifically that Israel returned fire in self defence when faced with Palestinian rocket fire: “Israeli jets struck three sites in Gaza on Monday after a rocket was launched at […]