CityNews Toronto Reporter Ignores Pervasive Violence At Anti-Israel Rallies

In her April 1 broadcast for CityNews Toronto entitled: “Pro-Palestinian protesters call for investigation into alleged police brutality,” reporter Faiza Amin reported on calls for an independent investigation into police conduct at a March 31 anti-Israel demonstration in downtown Toronto, telling viewers that protest organizers allege that police showed up in unprecedented numbers and released […]

HRC Prompts Toronto Star Clarification: Israel Has Not Killed 20,000 Palestinian Civilians

On December 19, the Toronto Star published a letter to the editor by Toronto-resident Joanne Clarke claiming that Israel has killed “20,000 Palestinian civilians.” While Ms. Clarke is entitled to her own opinions, she’s not entitled to her own facts. There’s no proof to substantiate this claim, especially as Hamas’ Gaza Ministry of Health does not distinguish combatant […]