Nakba Day: A Festival of Hate in Downtown Toronto: Where’s The Media Coverage?

On Saturday, May 13, Nakba Day was held at Dundas Square, in downtown Toronto. The demonstration, organized by a litany of local anti-Israel organizations, was marketed as commemorating 75 years since the “nakba,” or Arabic for catastrophe, referring to Israel’s rebirth in 1948 and an effort to “resist against the ongoing settler colonial and imperial […]

CP24 Fails To Mention Two Palestinians Killed By IDF Were Terrorists

On May 13 at 11:18 AM, CP24 broadcasted a report that failed to mention that two Palestinians who were killed by IDF forces were actually terrorists. CP24’s anchor stated the following: “Meanwhile, the Israeli military has raided a refugee camp in the west bank killing two Palestinians, at least three other Palestinians were wounded…” The […]

HRC-Hasbara Campus Media Fellows Published In The Varsity, Calling On U Of T To Adopt IHRA

As Canada’s leading organizations empowering student leaders to advocate for Israel and galvanizing grassroots Canadians to fight media bias against Israel, this past year, HonestReporting Canada and Hasbara Canada formed a united front to counter these threats head-on by launching our Canadian Campus Media Program, empowering student leaders to combat anti-Israel media bias on university […]