Updated: CBC News Headline Turns Palestinian Terrorist Into Victim

Update: April 8, 2022 (3:15pm ET) Subsequent to complaints sent to the CBC by HonestReporting Canada and our subscribers, we take note that CBC has amended its headline which now acknowledges that Israeli forces killed a “suspected attacker”. While the CBC chose to not identify the Palestinian terrorist as a terrorist, which is deeply regretful […]

Toronto Sun Uses Scare Quotes to Describe Hamas ‘Terror Attacks’

Dear Toronto Sun: What’s with the use of scare quotes in your headline today: Hamas guilty of ‘terror attack’? When Hamas, a proxy of the Iranian regime and a proscribed terror organization, indiscriminately fires 2,000+ rockets at Israeli civilians, killing seven, including children and wounding close to 300. This is the very definition of terrorism! […]

Don’t Ignore the Rise of Antisemitism in France: HRC Asserts in Sun Newspapers

Today, in an important commentary published in the Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg Sun newspaper, HonestReporting Canada rang the alarm bell about how France is allowing the state-sanctioned murder of Jews. We know this sounds like hyperbole, but it’s not! Recently, France’s court of appeals ruled, unbelievably, that the brutal murderer of Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old […]

Canadian Media MIA in Covering Antisemitism in Canada

In the Toronto Sun today, Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada, comments that the Canadian media has been completely silent on recent incidents of virulent antisemitism domestically. “How can we truly build a fairer and more equal society when anti-Semitism, the world’s oldest and most pervasive hatred, all too often goes unreported?” said Mostyn. […]

Tarek Fatah Ignores Jewish Indigeneity in Judea and Samaria

It’s praiseworthy that in his syndicated Sun column today, that Tarek Fatah acknowledges Jewish indigeneity in Israel proper, but it’s regrettable that he failed to recognize the indisputable fact that Jews are indigenous to Judea and Samaria (“West Bank”), and have lived there, uninterrupted for over 3,000 years. Jews have legitimate claims to Judea and […]