Toronto Star Publishes Massive 4,000 Word Sympathetic Portrayal Of University Of Toronto Hate Mob, While Largely Ignoring Pro-Israel Event With 1,000 Times More People

Anti-Israel bias in the Canadian news media doesn’t just exist in what is written or reported, or even how it is reported, but what the news media chooses to ignore. On June 9, an estimated 50,000 people, including city councilors, Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and Members of Parliament (MPs) marched in the annual Walk […]

Back-To-Back Toronto Star Columns Glorify Anti-Israel Hate Mobs

Even by The Toronto Star’s own standards, a recent pair of anti-Israel columns were so out of touch with reality that they could have easily been mistaken for being satire. The first column, published on June 7 by Shree Paradkar, the newspaper’s resident anti-Israel activist (who has written three columns targeting Israel in the last […]

Toronto Star’s Shree Paradkar Selectively Hides Details From Readers As She Disingenuously Uses Sensationalist Imagery To Evoke Emotions

In her June 2 opinion column entitled: “Ottawa’s waffling on Gaza makes commitment to human rights look shaky,” Shree Paradkar, the “social and justice columnist” at The Toronto Star, bewailed what she believes is the lack of “Canada’s commitment to an international human rights system.” Of course, Paradkar was not speaking about genocide and famine […]

Star Columnist Thomas Walkom Claims Trudeau’s Anti-Israel Rhetoric Can Help Him Win An Election – Except Polls Show Exactly The Opposite

In the latest anti-Israel opinion column appearing in The Toronto Star, a May 31 commentary by Thomas Walkom entitled: “On Israel, Justin Trudeau has found himself,” the columnist demonstrated a particular disregard for factual accuracy. He wrote that “another tribunal, the International Court of Justice, called on Israel to end the war in Gaza.” This […]