Toronto Star Columnist Blames Israel for “State-Sponsored Terrorism” In Killing of Iranian Nuclear (Weapon) Scientist/Terrorist

There is no moral equivalence between an arsonist and a firefighter, despite Tony Burman’s flawed and dangerous reasoning. Take action now: Send your considered comments to the Toronto Star to rebut Burman’s claim that Israel allegedly committed “state-sponsored terrorism” in the assassination of Iranian Brigadier General/nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

Toronto Star Commentators Deny Jewish Indigeneity to Historic Land of Israel

In back to back editions of the Toronto Star on June 26 & 27, commentators Tony Burman and Rick Salutin (both in-house critics of Israel), produced polemics which singled out the Jewish state for condemnation and which ignored Jewish indigeneity to the historic land of Israel. Tony Burman, former CBC News and Al-Jazeera English Editor-in-Chief, […]

Tony Burman Absurdly Claims Israel is in a Nuclear Arms Race with Iran and Saudis

On what basis can Tony Burman assert in his February 24 Toronto Star column that Israel is in a “nuclear arms race” with Saudi Arabia and Iran? Though Israel has a policy of nuclear ambiguity in that it doesn’t confirm or deny its suspected atomic arsenal, it’s widely understood that for over 50-years Israel has […]