Hill Times Column Misrepresents Facts To Falsely Claim Canadians Accept Anti-Israel Claims

In his September 6 opinion column in The Hill Times, “Canadians recognize what their leaders won’t: Israel practices apartheid,” Thomas Woodley trumpeted the results of a poll commissioned by his anti-Israel organization, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), which purports that roughly one-quarter of Canadians allegedly believe Israel practices “apartheid”. In […]

HRC Letter in Montreal Gazette Separates Facts from Anti-Israel Fiction

Having to separate fact from fiction, HRC takes to the pages of the Montreal Gazette on May 8 to set the record straight on the status of east Jerusalem and the raison d’etre of Israel’s security barrier: “Israel’s Wall was a Response to Terrorism” Re: “East Jerusalem meeting spot showed support for Israeli policy” (Opinion, May […]

After HRC Complaint, CBC Acknowledges Gaza “Art” Exhibit Criticized as Fraudulent

On April 24, HonestReporting Canada brought our concerns to the attention of several CBC editors regarding a CBC Fredericton report by journalist Melissa Oakley on the “Child’s View from Gaza “ exhibit being curated at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. Oakley’s two-minute report which aired on April 23 was described by the CBC as follows (emphasis […]