Concordia Student Newspaper Apologizes & Retracts Article Which Quoted Anti-Israel Student Activist Who Had Previously Ran For Neo-Nazi Party

In an important win for accuracy, integrity and the truth in campus media reporting of Israel, The Link, a student newspaper at Montreal’s Concordia University, has released a major retraction and apology following an article which grossly whitewashed a hateful anti-Israel demonstration and which quoted an anti-Israel student activist which it failed to mention had […]

Concordia Student Newspaper Covers Fringe Anti-Israel Protest & Gives Uncritical Coverage to Baseless Claims

The Link, an independent student newspaper at Concordia University in Montreal, has published a string of anti-Israel articles in recent weeks, including accusing Israel of murdering a Palestinian journalist, whitewashing an anti-Israel rally, and giving a full-throated endorsement of Amnesty International’s deeply problematic report erroneously accusing Israel of “apartheid”. And now, The Link is at […]

Concordia University Student Newspaper Whitewashes Anti-Israel Rally

In a recent article in The Link, Concordia University’s student newspaper, “Palestinian Montrealers protest Israeli police raids on al-Aqsa Mosque,” Zachary Fortier, one of the newspaper’s news editors, covered a recent anti-Israel rally in Montreal. If The Link decides that 100 anti-Israel protesters – out of a metropolitan Montreal population of two million – constitutes […]

Concordia Student Newspaper Endorses Anti-Israel Amnesty International Report

On February 1, Amnesty International released a report accusing Israel of practicing “apartheid” against Palestinians and Arab-Israelis. The organization has a longstanding anti-Israel fixation, and it has accused Israel of various human rights abuses in the past. Their new report “Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians” presents a mix of half-truths, misinformation and is a laser focus […]