Hill Times Commentators Decry Lack Of Support For Palestinian Women, All While Completely Ignoring Hamas’ Sexual Crimes Against Israeli Women

On March 8, Katherine Bullock, a lecturer at the University of Toronto, Tazeen Hasan, an advocacy manager with Justice For All Canada and Nawel Hamidi, assistant professor at Saint Paul University, wrote an article in the Hill Times, entitled: “Trudeau’s feminist policies have failed Palestinian women and girls” in which the authors called on the […]

Columnist In The Hill Times Condemns Israel For Daring To Fight Hamas – While Another Lauds Anti-Israel Ignorance As A Virtue

In her November 15 article in The Hill Times newspaper, “In the Israel-Palestine crisis, preventing mass atrocities is key,” Farida Deif, the Canada Director for Human Rights Watch, accused Israel of committing “widespread, serious abuses against Palestinian civilians with impunity” in its current war with Hamas, the Gaza-based Islamic terrorist group. Deif asserted that Israel […]

Hill Times Column Misrepresents Facts To Falsely Claim Canadians Accept Anti-Israel Claims

In his September 6 opinion column in The Hill Times, “Canadians recognize what their leaders won’t: Israel practices apartheid,” Thomas Woodley trumpeted the results of a poll commissioned by his anti-Israel organization, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME), which purports that roughly one-quarter of Canadians allegedly believe Israel practices “apartheid”. In […]