Success! Associated Press, The Toronto Star, CTV News & National Post Amend Headlines After Failing To Identify Dead Palestinian As A Terrorist Gunman

On September 5, 2023, The Toronto Star, The National Post, and CTV News published an Associated Press (AP) article whose headline failed to properly identify a Palestinian killed by IDF soldiers during a counter-terror raid in Judea and Samaria (known in media parlance as the “west bank”), as a gunman and a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad […]

Montreal’s “Nakba Day” Event A Celebration of Violence Against Israel

Along with Toronto and Vancouver, Montreal was home to a Nakba Day demonstration, held on Sunday, May 14. Nakba, the Arabic word for catastrophe, refers to Israel’s proclamation of independence on May 14, 1948, and is an oft-repeated term used by anti-Israel activists to describe Israel’s rebirth 75 years ago as a cataclysmic event. The […]

CBC Reporter Chris Brown Again Fails To Mention That 3 Dead Palestinians Were Gunmen

With the CBC, progress is sometimes two steps forward and two steps back. Recently, we exposed CBC journalist Chris Brown for sanitizing and whitewashing Palestinian terrorism, and for sympathetically portraying Palestinian terrorists as victims. As we’ve noted, there’s a recurring pattern that when CBC reports on Palestinian death tolls, more often than not, our public […]

WATCH: Palestinian Rioters Destroy Historic Jewish Religious Site – Media Silent

For the third time in about 20 years, Joseph’s Tomb, an ancient Jewish religious site located in the biblical city of Shechem, or Nablus, has been desecrated by Palestinian extremists, who attempted to set the site ablaze. Joseph’s Tomb, said to be the burial place of the biblical Joseph, was attacked by Palestinian rioters in […]