Canadian Journalists Who Criticized Israel Fail To Speak Out Against The Taliban

For the nearly 40 million citizens of Afghanistan, their country has suddenly entered the Dark Ages with the Taliban taking hold of the capital of Kabul. Memories of the Taliban are seared into the minds of Canadians who remember the terror group’s human rights abuses and its brutal reign over Afghanistan. Canadians recall the Taliban’s […]

As U.S. Exits Afghanistan, Israeli Territorial Withdrawals Serve As a Teachable Moment

The Taliban takeover of all of Afghanistan seems all but assured with the Islamist extremist group recently taking the capital, Kabul. And while there are discussions taking place around the world, including in Canada, about whether countries should recognize – if at all – the new Taliban dictatorship, these discussions have largely surrounded the question […]

Taliban And Hamas: Two Birds Of The Same Feather

This week, the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, swiftly fell to Taliban control immediately after U.S. troops and personnel left the country, with gun-totting terrorists cementing Taliban authority over much of the country. The Islamist extremist group which formerly controlled wide swaths of Afghanistan until the early 2000’s, when it was pushed out of power by […]

Israel Under Greater Threat Now More Than Ever Before

From the Horn of Africa to within and surrounding Israel’s borders, a staggering amount of countries and terrorist groups seek Israel’s destruction and the genocide of Jews. The greatest existential threat Israel faces remains the extremist, leading state sponsor of terror, the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose fundamentalist ideology mirrors that of terrorist groups such […]