HRC Subscriber Published In The Whitehorse Star: Provide An Accurate Portrayal Of The Context!

On April 20, HRC subscriber Andrew Skelton was published in The Whitehorse Star, after HonestReporting Canada published an alert to an op-ed by Gwynne Dyer on April 10, where Dyer condemned Israel’s recent air strike against a group of senior Iranian commanders in Syria, labeling it a “major escalation” for “no apparent reason.” Skelton rebutted Dyer’s false allegations, […]

Globe and Mail Book Review Replete With Anti-Israel Misinformation

Rarely does a book review in a major Canadian newspaper include widespread and significant anti-Israel misinformation, but that is exactly what readers of Saturday’s Globe and Mail were treated to with the recent book review: “Authors offer insights born of personal perspectives in new books examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” where author JP O’Malley reviewed two […]

Media Repeat False Claim of “Illegal” Israeli Presence in Golan Heights

Just over 54 years ago, Syria joined an Arab-coalition comprised primarily of Egypt and Jordan in the Six Day War against Israel, launching artillery attacks against targets in the Galilee. While false reports abounded of a crushing Egyptian victory against Israel, and the imminent destruction of the 19-year-old Jewish State, Israel defended itself, and in […]

Hezbollah Leader’s Genocidal Intent on Full Display

On July 5, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah delivered a rousing speech to his followers at a pro-Palestinian conference in Lebanon. While his speech contained all the same ingredients as usual – condemnations of Israel, boasting about Hezbollah’s military prowess – he made another statement which was extremely noteworthy. “There are no people in the Israeli […]