Globe and Mail Wrong to Claim that Hamas Moderated its Stand on Israel

In an apparent effort to make its image more appealing to a western audience, Hamas has sought to present itself as pragmatists through a new manifesto it debuted this week at a news conference held in Qatar. Make no mistake, despite Hamas’ PR spin campaign, it’s still a ruthless terrorist organization that’s bent on Israel’s […]

Globe and Mail Takes Sides by Claiming Settlement Homes are Being Built on "Palestinian land"

In a front page article in the February 7 edition of the Globe and Mail, former Mideast bureau chief Mark Mackinnon erroneously stated the following: “For decades, U.S. presidents, Democrat and Republican, have made a ritual of issuing condemnations every time Israel built new homes in the occupied West Bank. Mr. Trump said nothing when Israel announced the building of […]

Globe and Mail Headline Equates Palestinian Terrorists with Israeli Victim

Earlier today, the Globe and Mail carried a Reuters article on its website with the following highly misleading headline: Unknown to most people who read this headline, the Palestinian girl who was shot dead was the one who attacked the man, who turned out to be a Palestinian and not an Israeli that she believed […]

Globe & Mail Presents Dubious Anti-Israel Organization's Report as "Credible"

On June 6, Globe and Mail reporter Patrick Martin published an article for online subscribers exclusively entitled: “Report on Gaza war raises questions about Israel’s ‘moral army’ claim” which presented the allegations of Breaking the Silence (BtS) – an anti-Israel NGO which produced a report it claimed detailed alleged abuses by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip […]

Delegitimizing Israel’s Claim to Jerusalem

Read our latest Times of Israel commentary: “J’Accuse: Globe and Mail Delegitimizes Israel’s Claim to Jerusalem“ Despite the Jewish people’s continuous and unbroken physical presence in the land of Israel for over 3 millennia, Jews are routinely presented as foreign occupiers of their own ancestral and biblical homeland. The Jewish people’s un-renounced legal and religious […]

Globe & Mail Public Editor: Critics Views About Israel Should've Been Disclosed

Under criticism that Globe and Mail dance critic Martha Schabas had an anti-Israel agenda, Globe Public Editor Sylvia Stead asserted in a column published on February 28 that Globe editor’s should have disclosed her “previously stated views” on Israel. Here’s just a sampling from Schabas’ Twitter account: The fallout comes from an especially critical review she […]