Globe Reporter Mark Mackinnon Claims Israel Set to “Annex” Parts of the “Palestinian Territories”

HRC previously took issue with Globe and Mail reporter Mark Mackinonn’s repeated failure to acknowledge Israel’s claims to Judea and Samaria and how Israel disputes that its settlements are described as being “illegal” citing international law, UN resolutions, its pressing security concerns, along with its biblical, historical and political connections to the land. With regret, […]

Globe Peddles Fiction that Israel “Occupies” Gaza

On May 21, The Globe and Mail peddled a fiction as fact by claiming that Israel “occupies” the Gaza Strip. There’s no substance to this claim and the Globe’s failure to correct the record following HonestReporting Canada’s complaint, doesn’t speak well about the news organization’s proclaimed commitment to accuracy and accountability. In sharp contrast, Israel […]

Tell The Globe and Mail that Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital, Not Tel Aviv

What follows is the saga of how the Globe and Mail refuses to accept that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and how it wrongly claims that Tel Aviv, Israel’s financial and diplomatic centre, is the Jewish state’s capital. On December 9 in print and on the Globe’s website, columnist Doug Saunders erroneously wrote (emphasis […]

ALERT: Globe and Mail Turns Palestinian Terrorists into Victims

On June 16, Globe and Mail editors published an Associated Press report where its editors wrote the following headline: “Three Palestinians killed after attack on Israeli officers”. In so doing, the Globe turned Palestinian terrorists into victims. Untold in the headline, is the fact that the three dead Palestinians had carried out the stabbing and shooting […]

Globe Reporter Disguises Opinion as News

Writing in the Globe and Mail on May 27, former Mideast bureau chief Mark Mackinnon inserted his personal opinion into what should have been a straight forward report on the so-called “cycle” of terrorism. We took issue with these 2 statements that Mr. Mackinnon wrote:  “Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, a Saudi citizen, frequently cited […]