HRC in the CJN: "Sun TV’s Demise Lamented by Pro-Israel Groups"

Sun TV’s Demise Lamented by Pro-Israel Groups Paul Lungen, Staff Reporter, Canadian Jewish News, Monday, February 23, 2015 Sun News Network never acquired a mass audience comparable to established media outlets, but the now-defunct network “made a difference” and influenced the mainstream media’s coverage of issues it would otherwise have ignored, said Ezra Levant, a former Sun host. […]

Saudis Not Amused by Sun News Host Michael Coren Wearing Niqab

Saudi Arabia’s Al Arabiya news channel has come out against The Arena host Michael Coren for wearing a niqab on air. Coren wore a niqab on his show last week as a protest against a newly launched Egyptian channel which shows women only in full-length face and body covering. Coren has responded with a renewed criticism […]