Success! CBC Removes Reference Of “Palestinian Resistance Movement” After HRC Complaint.

On April 17, Ted Arnott, the speaker of the Ontario Legislature, announced that he would be banning the keffiyeh, the checkered Arab headdress, from being worn at Queen’s Park. In his decision, Arnott pointed out that the keffiyeh represented a divisive “political message.” Particularly following Hamas’ October 7 massacres in Israel, the keffiyeh has become […]

HRC Prompts CBC To Acknowledge IDF Claims That It Doesn’t Use Artificial Intelligence To Identify Terrorists

On the evening of April 4, CBC published a report by Alexander Panetta entitled: “U.S. warns Israel to change course in Gaza — or else,” which gave a platform to egregious and unsubstantiated allegations claiming that the Israeli military used artificial intelligence to identify suspected Hamas operatives, allegations which Israel strenuously denies. Despite Israel’s publicly […]

Success! HRC Prompts Gzero Media To Correct False Claim That Israel Has Killed “30,000 (Palestinian) Civilians”

On March 15, Gzero Media, which describes its efforts as being dedicated to providing the public with intelligent and engaging coverage of global affairs, published a commentary by Canadian journalist Stephen Maher  entitled: “Biden and Trudeau face headwinds … from Gaza”, in which Mr. Maher erroneously claimed that “30,000 (Palestinian) civilians have been killed since […]

Success! HRC Prompts CBC To Retract Unsubstantiated Claim That “Israeli Attacks Have Left 17,000 Orphans in Gaza”

On March 1, published a feature article whose headline carried the unsubstantiated and egregious allegations that: “Israeli attacks have left 17,000 orphans in Gaza.” The article by CBC journalists Chris Brown, Lily Martin, & Yasmine Hassan, along with Gaza-based freelancer Mohamed El Saife, reported the following in the lead paragraph: “UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s […]