CJN Coverage: Government Calls CBC Report ‘Inaccurate and Ridiculous’

Canadian Jewish News: Paul Lungen: “Government calls CBC report ‘inaccurate and ridiculous’” (Thursday, May 14, 2015) The government of Canada is calling a CBC report that it is threatening to bring hate crime charges against advocates of a boycott of Israel “inaccurate and ridiculous.”The CBC, however, is standing behind its report, saying “our reporter and our editors […]

Government Calls Neil Macdonald Israel Boycott Story a "Bizarre Conspiracy Theory"

Writing on the CBC’s website today, Neil Macdonald, a reporter whose animus against Israel is well known (see his top 10 journalistic transgressions here, and more here, here, & here) published an article with the following inflammatory and inaccurate headline: In an HRC complaint sent this morning to Marissa Nelson, Managing Director of CBC.ca, we […]