Globe and Mail Amends Headline Describing Mahmoud Abbas As “Palestine” President

On May 12, the Globe and Mail published a Reuters article to its website with the following headline: “Palestine’s president blames Israel for Al Jazeera reporter’s killing.” The article itself referred to Abbas as the Palestinian President, not “Palestine’s” president. It does so, because, while the Palestinians desire statehood, they are not yet a state […]

Success! Global News Retracts Claim that Israel is Occupying and Annexing Palestine

Update: February 12, 2021: Subsequent to HonestReporting Canada and its subscribers filing complaints with Global News, reporter Aya Hilmi Al-Hakim’s statement asserting that an “occupation and annexation of Palestine continues by the state of Israel” has been removed. An editors note now states the following at the top of the article: Editor’s note: This story […]

Worldometers Website Invents “State of Palestine”

Hate to burst your bubble Worldometers – real time world statistics. There’s no such thing as a “State of Palestine”. You should refer to the Palestinian territories as they don’t have statehood. HonestReporting Canada has requested that corrective action be undertaken. Stay tuned to this page for future update.