Economics Are Uniting Israel & The Arab World Together: HRC Asserts In Times Of Israel

In our latest commentary published in the Times of Israel, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman asserted that: “Recent years have shown that the desire for peace with Israel in the Arab world remains high, and there is no question that Israel’s economic growth will be a continued driver in forging comprehensive Middle East peace.” Read […]

How Canada Can Emulate Israel’s Successful Vaccine Rollout

After more than 10 months suffering under the coronavirus pandemic, there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel. In Canada and elsewhere in the developed world, governments have begun to inoculate their populations with new vaccines engineered to combat COVID 19, and it may be only a matter of a few […]

PostMedia Columnist Drafts a Fiction Claiming Israel in a State of “Chaos”

In an effort to paint Israel as a country undergoing an historic self-implosion and turmoil, Louis Delvoie engaged in mental acrobatics and drafted a fiction in his August 15 Kingston Whig-Standard commentary entitled: “Chaos in Israel”. While Israel, like most countries, is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite its challenges, Israel is fairing comparatively […]