Watch: “Globalize The Intifada” Means “Kill The Jews”

During the 2021 Hamas war against Israel, anti-Israel protesters called for an Intifada against Israel, and some even called to “Globalize the Intifada.” The Intifada, an Arabic word for uprising, was a violent multi-year terror campaign against the Jewish State which claimed a thousand innocent Israeli lives. Now, as more Islamist terror attacks happen in […]

CP24 Focuses Sympathy on Death of Palestinian Terrorist

On Sunday December 5, CP24 devoted coverage throughout the day about a terror stabbing attack that took place in Jerusalem . The report featured a headline that said: “Police kill Palestinian after stabbing in Jerusalem.” Watch the report by clicking here or below: It was concerning that CP24’s video editor wrote a headline that focused […]

Canadian Media Portray Palestinian Terrorist as Victim

On May 31, many Canadian media outlets produced reporting which outrageously portrayed a Palestinian terrorist as a victim of Israeli aggression. On a Friday going into the Jewish sabbath, a Palestinian terrorist stabbed two Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City and was subsequently killed by responding Israeli security forces. How did Canada’s media cover this repugnant […]

WATCH: Breakfast Television Whitewashes Palestinian Terror

Give me a break, Breakfast Television. Today, a Palestinian terrorist armed with a knife tried to stab an Israeli civilian who in self defense shot the terrorist dead, and yet, Breakfast Television’s reporting tacitly implied that the terrorist was the victim. BT headlined the report: “One man shot and killed in the West Bank”. (Watch […]

Earth to Toronto Star: Palestinian “Protests” Are Really Just Violent Terror Riots

Don’t trust everything you read in the newspaper. Despite what our media have been reporting, what’s been taking place for close to a year now along the fence that divides the Gaza-Israel border, are violent terror riots, not peaceful protests. Organized, incited and financed by Hamas, Palestinians armed with assault rifles, IED’s, grenades, arson balloons […]