Globe Reporter Eric Reguly’s Tendentious Anti-Israel Reporting Continues

He just can’t resist. Once again, another Eric Reguly article in the Globe and Mail was replete with anti-Israel misinformation. Reguly’s front-page report on June 28 entitled: “Fervent new Palestinian youth rebellion is aimed at both Israel and leadership in the West Bank, Gaza,” saw Reguly frame Israeli settlements as a colonial enterprise and illegal […]

Globe Reporter Continues to Mislead on Dispute in Sheikh Jarrah/Shimon HaTzaddik & Silwan

In his feature-length Globe & Mail article on June 19: “Palestinians fight to keep their East Jerusalem homes as evictions accelerate – and trigger violent confrontations,” European bureau chief Eric Reguly gave extended and sympathetic coverage to anti-Israel misinformation related to eastern Jerusalem, and virtually no information supportive of Israel’s arguments. In recent weeks, the […]

The Media Assault on Israel One "Scandal" at a Time

An advance version of a UN Human Rights Council report on last year’s Israel-Gaza conflict has exonerated Israel for the death of a Palestinian child which the media blamed on Israel. It has also acknowledged that the majority of Hamas attacks on Israel were indiscriminate and launched from populated areas, which constitute double war crimes. This should […]