Hamas Expels Palestinians From Their Homes In Gaza: Media AWOL

Last spring, a property dispute in Jerusalem flared into open conflict. A group of Palestinian-Arabs in Jerusalem, who refused to pay rent to their Jewish landlords, became heroes in some quarters, and anti-Israel activists accused the Jewish State of attempting to expel these squatters. This allegation spread around the world, and helped to spur Hamas’ […]

Success! Ombudsman Upholds Complaints About Problematic CBC Coverage of Israel-Hamas War

HonestReporting Canada is pleased to share that subsequent to a number of problematic reports broadcast on various CBC News programs last Spring during Hamas’ war against Israel, and thanks to direct action taken by HRC, our subscribers, and the public at large, our public broadcaster’s ombudsman has upheld our concerns in a number of areas. […]

Toronto Caribbean Newspaper Publishes Column Whitewashing Hamas Terrorism

A couple weeks ago, HonestReporting Canada exposed a vile antisemitic conspiracy theory which was published by the Toronto Caribbean (TC) newspaper, where columnist Steven Kaszab made the claim that “Canadian, American and British politicians continue to kowtow to their populations Jewish Lobbyists.” HonestReporting Canada and its subscribers sent scores of complaints to the publication and […]

CBC Spreads Misinformation About Eviction of Palestinian Family In Sheikh Jarrah

On the evening of January 19, CBC Radio reported on the eviction of the Salihiyas, a Palestinian family from Sheikh Jarrah (Shimon Hatzadik in Hebrew) in east Jerusalem, but instead of providing adequate context about this controversial issue, CBC gave a platform to unfounded claims that Israel was trying to expropriate the land to give […]

Vancouver-Based Adbusters Magazine Publishes Repulsive Anti-Israel & Antisemitic Propaganda

Based in Vancouver, Adbusters has a long history of publishing content which has been accused of antisemitism. In 2004, the anti-consumerist/activist magazine was condemned by Canadian Jewish groups, including HonestReporting Canada, for running a list of influential neo-conservative U.S. policymakers and placing an asterisk next to the Jewish names. In 2010, Adbusters published an antisemitic […]