Meshwar Editor Continues to Laud Palestinian Terror; Claims Cartoons Not Anti-Semitic

  Dr. Nazih Khatatba, the editor of the free Toronto Arabic weekly newspaper called Meshwar that we recently criticized for its publishing anti-Semitic blood libel cartoons and for lauding Palestinian terror, sees no reason to apologize for printing such abhorrent content claiming in an editorial that the paper’s commentary is not anti-Semitic, but legitimate criticism […]

Action Alert: Anti-Semitic Cartoons Published in Toronto Arabic Newspaper

A Toronto-area Arabic newspaper called Meshwar recently on November 30 published an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting Israelis eating Palestinian children and drinking their blood. Other cartoons caricatured the stereotypical trope of hook-nosed, menacing Jews. According to Shalom Toronto’s Jonathan Halevi (see full article below), Meshwar expressed support for outlawed Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas and called […]

Radical Muslim Clerics invited to Toronto: Shalom Toronto

Two Toronto Islamic organizations devoted to the Salafi ideology, the Qur’an and Sunnah Society of Canada (QSSC), have invited radical muslim clerics to keynote their upcoming conference. Shalom Toronto reports that these clerics hold anti-Semitic views. In a 2009 lecture, Sheikh Ali Al Halabi declared that ‘Allah brought about the Jews to rule over them […]