Toronto Star Article Blames Israel For Gazan Children Suffering and Trauma

In the Toronto Star on August 15, a feature-length Associated Press (AP) report was published on the plight of Gazan children, particularly during the last armed conflict between Hamas & Israel (“Portraits of Pain: Traumas of war apparent in the portraits of children from Gaza Strip.”). While there is certainly no dispute that these children […]

Israel Under Fire By Hamas Rockets – Canadian Media’s Lacklustre News Coverage

In the past 24 hours, Palestinians terrorists in Gaza, chiefly Hamas, have fired more than 180 rockets and mortars at Israeli towns triggering 150 Israeli counter strikes targeting Hamas military installations. The onslaught of rocket fire has seen 19 Israeli civilians wounded and taken to hospital. Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system has intercepted 30 […]

Medical Journal Engages in Crass Anti-Israel Propaganda

In an exclusive commentary published in the Canadian Jewish News, HRC exposes the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) for engaging in crass anti-Israel propaganda. See text version only below printed version of CJN: Medical Journal Engages in Crass Anti-Israel Propoganda The Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) and its deputy editor, Matthew Stanbrook’s September 22 editorial […]

HRC In Chronicle Herald: "Israelis Also Suffering"

In the Chronicle Herald on September 6, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman draws reader’s attention to the unrelenting terror that the Israeli city of Sderot has received in recent years: Chronicle Herald: Mike Fegelman: “Israelis also suffering” (September 6, 2014)  Rev. Charles M. Webster (“Gaza: conflict suppressed will explode,” Sept. 5) refers in his letter […]