In Yukon News, HRC Proclaims that "International Law is on Israel's Side"

In a commentary published in the Yukon News on February 14, HRC Regional Director Michelle Whiteman points out that when it comes to the Middle East conflict, international law is on Israel’s side. Read the full commentary immediately below: Yukon News: Michelle Whiteman, “International Law is on Israel’s Side” (Feb. 14, 2014) Al Pope is […]

HRC Letter in Guelph Mercury Explains “Why Mideast Peace Remains Elusive”

In the Guelph Mercury on September 21, HRC Regional Director Michelle Whiteman responded to a Ben Barber op-ed published by the Mercury on September 11 which peddled the false canard that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the linchpin to regional peace and security. Please see our commentary entitled “Why Mideast Peace Remains Elusive” as appended below:

HRC Letter in Montreal Gazette Separates Facts from Anti-Israel Fiction

Having to separate fact from fiction, HRC takes to the pages of the Montreal Gazette on May 8 to set the record straight on the status of east Jerusalem and the raison d’etre of Israel’s security barrier: “Israel’s Wall was a Response to Terrorism” Re: “East Jerusalem meeting spot showed support for Israeli policy” (Opinion, May […]