University of Toronto Student Union Votes To Support BDS; Where’s The Media Outrage?

On February 16, the University of Toronto’s official student body adopted the Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) platform. The University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) voted to divest funds from “firms complicit in the occupation of Palestinian Territory,” according to the motion. The specific wording of the motion was left vague enough that it could potentially […]

UPDATED: Amnesty International Accuses Israel of Apartheid; Toronto Star Scribe Shree Paradkar Repeats Claims Uncritically

Update: February 7 2022: Subsequent to our February 2 alert about how Toronto Star Columnist Shree Paradkar uncritically parroted Amnesty International’s (AI) “apartheid” slur, an HonestReporting Canada subscriber was published in the Star on February 5 refuting AI’s report saying it featured implicit calls for Israel’s destruction: Original Alert: February 2, 2022: On February 1, […]

Israel Is Not The Grinch That Destroyed Christmas

Christmas Day is approaching, and for millions of Canadians, that means time spent with family and friends, gift giving and an opportunity to appreciate the simpler things in life. But for many media outlets, December 25 also represents an opportunity to report on the historic city of Bethlehem, an important site for Christianity. But rather […]

Updated: Montreal Gazette Apologizes For Publishing Anti-Israel Advert From Amnesty International Canada

UPDATE: The Montreal Gazette has sent HonestReporting Canada the following apology for publishing Amnesty International Canada”s anti-Israel advertisement saying it did not meet its advertising guidelines and standards. Furthermore, the Gazette has scheduled a mandatory training session for its sales team to reinforce its polices and standards. “The Amnesty International ad copy that was published […]

Toronto Star Gives Platform to BDS Whitewashing by New Israel Fund Head

UPDATE: November 27, 2021: In response to HonestReporting Canada’s complaint, the Toronto Star published the following clarification on November 27 to retract its falsely publishing that there are “Israeli-slash-Jewish-only roads”: Original Alert: November 16, 2021: In a front-page feature-length article on November 14, the Toronto Star gave significant coverage to an interview with Daniel Sokatch, […]

Globe and Mail Book Review Replete With Anti-Israel Misinformation

Rarely does a book review in a major Canadian newspaper include widespread and significant anti-Israel misinformation, but that is exactly what readers of Saturday’s Globe and Mail were treated to with the recent book review: “Authors offer insights born of personal perspectives in new books examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” where author JP O’Malley reviewed two […]