HRC Op-Ed In The Times Of Israel: Russia-Ukraine War Isn’t Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

This Op-ed was published in The Times of Israel on Monday, May 9, 2022 Source: Russia-Ukraine War Isn’t Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Ever since February 20, when Russian forces began their invasion of Ukraine, the world’s attention has been focused on Eastern Europe and the humanitarian disaster unfolding as a result of the war. Individuals, organizations, and […]

CTV News Toronto Gives Platform To Holocaust Distortion

According to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), Holocaust distortion occurs when individuals engage in “trivializing or honoring the historical legacies of people or organizations complicit in the crimes of the Holocaust.” Alarmingly, on March 30, CTV News Toronto broadcast a report by journalist Sean Leathong about a former Ukrainian soldier, now a 97-year-old living […]

CTV News Montreal Gives Soapbox To Anti-Israel Groups In Coverage of Boycott Against Russia

As the Russia-Ukrainian war rages on, efforts to boycott Russia and those affiliated with Vladmir Putin’s regime, is gaining steam in a number of Western countries, including Canada. For example, 20-year-old Russian pianist Alexander Malofeev was scheduled to perform with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in mid-March, until his performance was cancelled as a protest against […]

CTV Commentator Exploits Crisis In Ukraine To Spread Anti-Israel Propaganda

On Friday, February 25th, the CTV talk show The Social, produced a segment about how social media is being used and abused in the war in Ukraine. One of the show’s guest commentators, a woman named Ivory described by CTV as a “multi-disciplinary performer, actor and model” exploited the war in Ukraine to justify spreading […]