CTV Commentator Exploits Crisis In Ukraine To Spread Anti-Israel Propaganda

On Friday, February 25th, the CTV talk show The Social, produced a segment about how social media is being used and abused in the war in Ukraine. One of the show’s guest commentators, a woman named Ivory described by CTV as a “multi-disciplinary performer, actor and model” exploited the war in Ukraine to justify spreading […]

Globe and Mail Book Review Replete With Anti-Israel Misinformation

Rarely does a book review in a major Canadian newspaper include widespread and significant anti-Israel misinformation, but that is exactly what readers of Saturday’s Globe and Mail were treated to with the recent book review: “Authors offer insights born of personal perspectives in new books examining the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” where author JP O’Malley reviewed two […]

Sheridan College Professor Engages in Hate By Dehumanizing Israelis Who Serve(d) in IDF

There’s an important line separating legitimate opinion that enhances the public discourse, from inflammatory rhetoric that interferes with constructive dialogue. In our view, it’s alarming to see a Sheridan College Professor write a baseless and hateful column against Israel entitled: “The Mafia and Israel’s child killers,” which paints a grotesque and false caricature of Israel’s […]

Toronto Star Article Blames Israel For Gazan Children Suffering and Trauma

In the Toronto Star on August 15, a feature-length Associated Press (AP) report was published on the plight of Gazan children, particularly during the last armed conflict between Hamas & Israel (“Portraits of Pain: Traumas of war apparent in the portraits of children from Gaza Strip.”). While there is certainly no dispute that these children […]