Toronto Sun Uses Scare Quotes to Describe Hamas ‘Terror Attacks’

Dear Toronto Sun: What’s with the use of scare quotes in your headline today: Hamas guilty of ‘terror attack’? When Hamas, a proxy of the Iranian regime and a proscribed terror organization, indiscriminately fires 2,000+ rockets at Israeli civilians, killing seven, including children and wounding close to 300. This is the very definition of terrorism! […]

Quebec Science Magazine Publishes Pro-Palestinian Propaganda – Receives Public Funding

La version française suit Under the incendiary headline: “Science Under Occupation,” the French-language Quebec Science magazine produced feature-length coverage in its March edition claiming that due to Israeli “power cuts, curfews, and obstructed travel to the Palestinian territories, that Palestinian scientists are forced to conduct their research in very trying and difficult conditions, with colleagues […]

CBC Radio Airs One-Sided Report About UN Investigation of Gaza Border Riots

On the morning of February 28, CBC Radio aired a grossly one-sided anti-Israel report about UN investigations of riots at the Gaza-Israel border. The report stated the following: The United Nations commission looking at last year’s demonstrations in Gaza, says Israeli troops had no reason to open fire. More than 6000 Palestinian protestors were injured, […]

CBC Radio Tacitly Acknowledges Report Should Have Noted Palestinian Attacks

On June 29, HRC brought our concerns to the attention of senior CBC editors regarding a report aired by CBC radio on June 24 at 4:02pm by Beirut-based reporter Rebecca Collard. Ms. Collard’s report about Prince William’s trip to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories saw her state the following that we took issue with […]