Canadian Muslim Group Blames Israel For Violent Palestinian Rioting

For the first time in more than three decades, the holidays of Passover, Easter and Ramadan coincided, with billions of faithful around the world celebrating these holy days to Jews, Christians and Muslims. For the vast majority of adherents across the globe, these festivities passed peacefully, but not everywhere. A few days before Easter and […]

Israel Under Attack: Globe Analysis Misses the Forest For The Trees

On May 10, the Globe and Mail published an analysis piece by former Mideast reporter Mark Mackinnon to its website about recent hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians. The report was also featured on the front page in the Globe’s print edition on May 11. As violence erupts in Jerusalem and Gaza, can Benjamin Netanyahu […]

Quebec Press Council Upholds Complaint Against Radio Host For Contempt Against Israelis

Today, the Canadian Jewish News reported that “The Quebec Press Council has upheld a complaint against a Montreal radio station and two of its broadcasters, who made what it says were contemptuous remarks about Israelis that could incite prejudice.” To read the Quebec Press Council’s full review of this incident click here. The CJN notes […]

Star Columnist Distorts Truth Claiming Palestinians Engaged in “Peaceful” Protests

Far from being “peaceful” protests as Toronto Star Columnist Shree Paradkar claimed on April 4, over 30,000 Palestinians gathered along the Gaza-Israel border with many of them engaging in violent riots. Israel says at least 10 known Palestinian terrorists with track records of terrorist activity were killed whilst carrying out acts of terror during the violent […]

Toronto Star Gives Front Page Coverage to Palestinian Incitement

HonestReporting Canada (HRC) is tasked with monitoring the media, exposing inaccuracy and bias in Canadian reporting on Israel and the Mideast region, and importantly, we recognize and commend news organizations for exceptional reporting. Today, we are pleased to be able to commend the Toronto Star – a news outlet which we have often criticized for […]