HRC Letter Published In Regina Leader-Post: Letter Spews Pro-Hamas Misinformation

On July 16, HRC’s Robert Walker’s letter was published in the Regina Leader-Post, responding to a letter by Lee Fuller which attempted to draw a false moral equivalence between Israel’s self-defense war against Hamas terrorists and Russia’s offensive war against Ukraine, accusing both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of being a war criminal and the Israeli […]

HRC Op-Ed In Waterloo Record Rebuts Commentator’s Praise Of UNRWA Which Ignored Agency’s Ties To Palestinian Terrorism

A March 30 commentary in The Waterloo Record, written by local businessman Shawky Fahel, praised the Trudeau government for resuming funding to UNRWA, the disgraced United Nations agency with ties to Palestinian terrorism. Predictably, Fahel offered no context about why UNRWA is controversial, instead presenting it as a legitimate organization. While Fahel offered a condemnation […]

McMaster University’s Campus Paper Publishes Op-Ed Replete With Anti-Israel Misinformation

  In The Silouette, McMaster University’s student-run newspaper, Shehla Choudhary’s June 21 op-ed entitled “The role of social media activism in the current struggle for Palestinian liberation,” argues that social media engagement is critical to ending the alleged mistreatment of Palestinians, pointing to the recent violence this past May between Hamas and Israel as a […]

HRC In Prince George Citizen: Anti-Israel Protest Did More Harm Than Good

In the Prince George Citizen on July 18, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate Robert Walker commented on the actions of anti-Israel detractors in Prince Rupert, B.C., who refused to unload the cargo of a ship belonging to an Israeli company. As Robert put it, the anti-Israel protest did more harm than good: Boycotting Israel, […]

Jews Never Lost Desire To Return to Their Ancestral Homeland Asserts HRC In PEI Guardian

In an op-ed published in the Saltwire newspaper the PEI Guardian today, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate, Robert Walker, argued that Jews have never lost their desire to return to their ancestral homeland. Walker also pointed out that: “Peace will only come when the Palestinian leadership accepts Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish […]

HRC in Prince George Citizen: “Israel Not The Bad Guy”

In the Prince George Citizen today, HRC Marketing and Community Relations Associate, Robert Walker argued that when Israel’s detractors deny Jewish indigeneity to the land of Israel, they only make peace more elusive. The full text of the letter can be found immediately below or online here: It is no secret that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict […]