In Times of Israel HRC Says Antisemites Declared ‘Open Season’ On Jews Since Gaza Conflict

On June 16, Times of Israel writer Robert Sarner interviewed HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman in a report about how “last month’s armed conflict between Israel and Hamas set the stage for antisemites in Canada to unleash unprecedented, social media-fueled attacks — in-person and online — including physical violence, incitement, and harassment.” Sarner’s report stated: […]

CBC National Admits Error in Suggesting Tel Aviv is Israel's Capital

What follows is a formal reply CBC National sent to HRC Board Member Robert Sarner (his reply below too) which saw our public broadcaster’s flagship program acknowledge its error in suggesting that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital city in a January 23 report (watch by clicking here or see appended below) by Nahlah Ayed on […]

Toronto Star Corrects False Claim: Israeli Government in Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv

  When news organizations use “Tel Aviv” as an alternate noun for “Israel’s government” this only serves to deligitimize Israel’s connection to Jerusalem. On January 31, the Toronto Star featured a front-page article reporting on the alleged Israeli air strikes on a Syrian arms convoy destined for the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. The Star carried […]