Deputy Leader of NDP Spreads Falsehoods About Al-Aqsa Mosque Rioting

On April 19, Alexandre Boulerice, Deputy Leader of the NDP, posted a message to his 29,000 Facebook followers in French, claiming Israeli forces were “attacking” innocent Muslims and the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, to rid “Jerusalem of its Muslim and Christian heritage” and to “clear space” for alleged Jewish extremist groups to move into what […]

Israel Under Attack: What The Canadian Media Ignored

As of this writing, close to 150 rockets have been fired indiscriminately at Israel by Iran-backed Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza, along with an anti-tank missile which wounded an Israeli and incendiary balloons which sparked 10+ wildfires. Earlier today, an Israeli driver was nearly lynched by rioters, but was miraculously saved by a […]