Toronto Star Scribe Rick Salutin Sanitizes The Dangers of Hamas Terrorism

Writing from his comfortable perch far away from the Mideast conflict in Toronto, Rick Saluin, a columnist for the Toronto Star, claimed today that Israelis aren’t even “remotely threatened by Hamas” which is “basically a militia who scuttle through tunnels and fire rockets that rarely hit anything…” To wit, Hamas just fired 4,000+ deadly rockets […]

Toronto Star Commentators Deny Jewish Indigeneity to Historic Land of Israel

In back to back editions of the Toronto Star on June 26 & 27, commentators Tony Burman and Rick Salutin (both in-house critics of Israel), produced polemics which singled out the Jewish state for condemnation and which ignored Jewish indigeneity to the historic land of Israel. Tony Burman, former CBC News and Al-Jazeera English Editor-in-Chief, […]

Toronto Star Columnist Off-Side on Antisemitism

Rick Salutin’s contention in a February 19 column that “the new anti-Semitism… doesn’t target Jews but Muslims — given the Semitic roots of Islam” must be categorically rejected.Antisemitism, both new and old, is defined as the hatred and hostility directed exclusively to the Jewish people. When Jews, individually or as a collective, are discriminated against […]