Globe Claims All Palestinian “Refugees” Were “Forced” From Their Homes; Claims “Palestine” Exists

In a  feature-length front-page report today entitled: “Behind the fence: How the world’s displaced are dealing with COVID-19,” the Globe and Mail had the audacity to claim that a state of “Palestine” exists while asserting that all 5.5 million Palestinian “refugees” were “forced from their homes.” Reporter Eric Reguly stated the following: “Greece’s five island […]

HRC Op-Ed In TorStar Papers: “UN Palestinian Agency Doesn’t Reflect Canadian Values”

In the TorStar newspapers the Hamilton Spectator and Waterloo Record today, HRC Research Analyst Noah Lewis argues that Canada should put a moratorium on funding UNRWA, the corrupt UN Palestinian relief agency tarred for having ties to terrorists, whose staff author and distribute virulently antisemitic materials, and which perpetuates the conflict by promising that all […]

Must Read: UNRWA Staff Share Antisemitic Material With Impunity

UN Watch’s latest report exposes UNRWA staff sharing antisemitic material, all with a culture of impunity. According to Hillel Neuer, UN Watch’s Executive Director: “Why is it that an ostensibly neutral UN agency that claims to teach tolerance continues to employ terrroist-supporting and antisemitic staff?” Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland and  Global Affairs Canada would […]

Toronto Star Amends Unfair Article on Israeli Plan to Deport Africans

On February 2, the Toronto Star published a prominent article in print and online by Immigration Reporter Nicholas Keung entitled: “Jewish Canadians urge Israel to back off plan to deport African refugees”. HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with the Star on the day this report was published expressing our concerns about how the Star’s report omitted […]