Now Magazine Gives Platform To Unfounded Allegation Of IDF Recruitment In Canada

In the war to delegitimize the Jewish State, there appears to be a new campaign of disinformation being used against Israel. In Yves Engler’s May 17 op-ed in Now Magazine, “The push to stop Israeli military recruitment in Canada,” he claims that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are illegally recruiting for soldiers in Canada, in […]

Le Devoir Publishes Non-Story Containing Spurious Allegations of IDF Recruitment in Canada

La version française suit With everything going on in the world today, from the global pandemic, U.S. elections and the recession, it was surprising to see Le Devoir devote a front-page story on October 19 containing spurious allegations from anti-Israel BDS activists claiming that Israel is carrying out illegal recruitment activities for the Israel Defense […]