HRC Op-Ed In Hamilton Spectator Rebuts Columnist’s Claiming Israel Has No Right To Defend Itself Against Hamas

In her May 21 opinion column in The Hamilton Spectator, Margaret Shkimba, a “communications consultant” and contributing columnist, wrote that neither Hamas nor Israel have a right to kill. At first glance, it’s a lovely thought. But upon further inspection, her inability to distinguish between genocidal Islamic terrorism and legitimate self-defence demonstrates both a profound […]

Toronto Star Letter Falsely Claims Israel Doesn’t Hold Its Soldiers Accountable

In her June 26 letter (“Reporters should talk to actual Palestinians”), Toronto Star letter writer Elizabeth Block claimed that Israel does not hold its soldiers to account for their actions, but this is patently false. What Block fails to mention is that even though she may not like the verdict in certain cases, Israel consistently holds its […]

HRC Rebuttal: Mount Royal University Professor Seeking To Shut Out The Jewish Experience

In the last two years, Mark Muhannad Ayyash, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, has written 10 anti-Israel articles in English for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news service. His latest November 30 opinion article entitled: “For Canadian universities, the Palestinian is the ‘toxic other,’” was a rambling mishmash of anti-Israel […]

Middle East Peace Should Be Celebrated, Not Condemned: HRC Says In The Hill Times

On October 10, the Hill Times newspaper published the following letter by HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman which argued that Middle East peace should be celebrated and not condemned: In a recent October 3 letter in The Hill Times, Michael Bueckert of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) took issue with a […]