CBC Portrays Israel As Aggressor in Recent Hostilities with Hezbollah

On August 29, CBC Radio aired a report by Beirut-based freelance reporter Rebecca Collard that portrayed Israel as the aggressor in recent hostilities with Hezbollah and which failed to mention any of Israel’s security concerns about the grievous threat that Iranian-sponsored terror group poses. To listen to the CBC Radio report please click here or on […]

CBC Radio Tacitly Acknowledges Report Should Have Noted Palestinian Attacks

On June 29, HRC brought our concerns to the attention of senior CBC editors regarding a report aired by CBC radio on June 24 at 4:02pm by Beirut-based reporter Rebecca Collard. Ms. Collard’s report about Prince William’s trip to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories saw her state the following that we took issue with […]

CBC & Globe Delegitimize Jerusalem’s Status as Israel’s Capital

Here’s another example today where the Globe and Mail again wrongly claims that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital. A front page “analysis” report by Mark Mackinnon saw the Globe’s senior international correspondent say the following (emphasis added): “That offensive has brought Syrian government troops close to the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, sparking fears in Tel Aviv […]

CBC Fails to Mention Dead Palestinian Threw a Grenade Wounding an IDF Officer

Today, HonestReporting Canada filed a complaint with senior CBC editors in regards to a CBC Radio report by Rebecca Collard that was broadcast on CBC World This Weekend on July 14 at 6:07pm EST. In reporting on recent hostilities between Palestinians (mainly Hamas) and Israel, Ms. Collard stated the following: “Israeli officials say Palestinians fired dozens […]

Listen: CBC Radio Broadcasts Biased Report About “Displaced” Palestinians

On May 27 at 9:18pm EST, CBC Radio’s the “World This Weekend” news program hosted by Anchor David Common, aired a woefully biased anti-Israel report about “displaced” Palestinians by reporter Rebecca Collard. The close to 5-minute feature-length report can be heard at the following link or by clicking onto the listen now button below. Anchor David Common […]