Success! HRC Prompts CBC To Retract Unsubstantiated Claim That “Israeli Attacks Have Left 17,000 Orphans in Gaza”

On March 1, published a feature article whose headline carried the unsubstantiated and egregious allegations that: “Israeli attacks have left 17,000 orphans in Gaza.” The article by CBC journalists Chris Brown, Lily Martin, & Yasmine Hassan, along with Gaza-based freelancer Mohamed El Saife, reported the following in the lead paragraph: “UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s […]

Radio-Canada Turns BDS Propaganda into Anti-Israel Article

On February 16, Radio-Canada published an article to its website about how the anti-Israel organization CJPME, has called on Canada “to cancel its $36-million purchase of an Israeli-made civilian maritime surveillance drone over concerns about the manufacturer’s human rights record.” The report by Radio-Canada’s Levon Sevunts (pictured right) masquerades propaganda as legitimate reporting and was […]

Why Is Radio-Canada Promoting an Anti-Israel Art Exhibit?

When we first came across the following report, the first thing that came to mind is why is Radio-Canada International, our public broadcaster, promoting an anti-Israel exhibit by the art gallery, Montréal, arts interculturels (MAI)? Our second concern is that the MAI is closely associated with the City of Montreal, from which it receives much […]

UPDATE: RCI Corrects Report Which Falsely Claimed Tel Aviv is Israel’s Capital

  La version française suit August 19, 2020: Subsequent to receiving our complaint and following dialogue with HonestReporting Canada, Radio-Canada International (RCI) editors have corrected their reporting which falsely asserted that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. As we noted in our alert, RCI’s reporting deligitimized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Radio-Canada’s report now […]