After Denying Israel’s Right To Exist & Proclaiming The Existence of “Palestine”, Toronto Star Corrects Article

On September 2, the Toronto Star published an online articleby Richie Asslay, a Toronto-based digital producer for the Star, about Sama’ Abdulhadi, described as being “one of the most celebrated DJs to emerge from the Middle East whose journey from the Palestinian underground electronic scene to international fame has been winding, tumultuous and politically charged.” In […]

CBC's Balfour Declaration Centennial Report Implies Israel Has No Right to Exist

In a CBC TV report broadcast on November 2 marking the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration (the historic document written by Lord Arthur Balfour which expressed Britain’s support for a Jewish national homeland in historic Palestine) CBC Mideast journalist Derek Stoffel’s report implicitly cast doubt on Israel’s right to exist by supposedly referencing Palestinian claims […]

HRC Prompts CTV News On-Air Apology

On August 27, HRC contacted executives at CTV bringing three material errors to the network’s attention that were falsely reported in the previous day’s broadcast on CTV News Toronto. At approximately 12:00pm, CTV reported the following (watch clip below or by clicking here): “To Israel now where peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are […]

CTV's Flag Fail

Yesterday afternoon, CTV Toronto reported the following (watch clip below): “To Israel now where peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are on hold after a shooting at a refugee camp near Ramallah. Israeli security forces opened fire on a group of Palestinians at a refugee camp early today killing at least two of them, and […]